Learning English for Teens: Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

Each level of ILA Smart Teens has a carefully constructed curriculum that takes into account the age and competencies of the students.

The core curriculum covers the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, with a strong emphasis on speaking and listening.

Grammar and vocabulary are integrated into the curriculum and students learn correct usage through fun and inspiring activities and real-life situations that are relevant to this age group.

The native English speaking teacher ensures that all students speak with natural pronunciation.

ILA incorporates the latest language learning technology, equipment and resources into this programme including:

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Handheld devices [iPads, tablets, etc]
  • Interactive language learning gaming
  • Internet, music and video

All classes are taught in English. The teacher takes a communicative teaching approach in the classroom, engaging students in the learning process through a wide variety of fun and exciting activities and exercises, including and involving:

  • Songs & rhyme
  • Group work
  • Story telling
  • Team oriented activities
  • Problem solving
  • Imaginative projects
  • Creative thinking exercises

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